Article 20 Legal Challenge

We may have launched this challenge, but it is a challenge we hope all vapers and all of industry can support.  We want it to be our challenge – vapers and the electronic cigarette and e-liquid industry, for if the TPD is implemented in its current form we will all lose out.

We launched this legal challenge to the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive last year, on the grounds that Article 20 of the Directive breaches EU law.

Article 20 seeks to restrict e-liquid and e-cigarettes in the following ways:

  • limit bottle size
  • limit nicotine strength levels
  • limit tank size
  • limit available devices

This article also seeks to prohibit advertising and introduce several testing requirements across products and liquids.  Testing and prohibiting advertising together will be financially crippling for manufacturers and also harm consumers. Prices will have to go up to cover the testing and reporting requirements and consumers will not be made aware of products or suppliers through traditional means like advertising.

Support the Article 20 legal challenge today!