90 thousand and still counting

May 2, 2017

Some of you may have thought that when we handed our petition over to the Department of Health (DoH) in September of last year that that was it.  Well, we are delighted to report that vapers across Europe continue to sign up in support of the Article 20 legal challenge each and every day.  Since the handover last year a further 19,000 signatures have been collected and delivered to the DoH is batches of 1,000.


Yes, we deliberately send them in batches of 1,000 to ensure that the Challenge and vapers wider concerns about Article 20, remain fully on the DoH’s radar.  Each batch of 1,000 signatures delivered to the DoH needs to be processed and acknowledged, they are not ignored.


To date, just over 90,000 signatures have been collected, delivered, processed, and acknowledged by the DoH.  This is a fantastic result and we would like to thank each and every one of you that has taken the time to sign and/or promote the petition.


We are though not stopping there!  The TPD is just weeks away from coming into force and we are still awaiting the final outcome of the legal challenge.  We want to continue to demonstrate to the DoH just how much support the Challenge has and would therefore like to smash through the 100,000 barrier!  That’s only just over 10,000 extra signatures.


If you have not signed, or know some people that have not signed, then please do and please encourage others.  It really is worthwhile, as each signature in support of the Challenge is also a demonstration of our wider displeasure with the TPD.


We know there are lots of other petitions out there and you may be suffering from petition fatigue, but how many of these already have over 90,000 signatures?  How many are being routinely delivered right to the heart of the DoH?  So please, take a couple of seconds and sign the petition.  Tell the DoH that you too support the Challenge and like thousands of others you oppose Article 20 of the TPD