CJEU Court date set for the 1st October 2015

May 2, 2017

We are delighted to report that finally we have a date for our hearing at the Court of Justice of the European Union. It’s been set for the afternoon of the 1st October 2015.

This is great news, not just for us, but also for the wider industry and vapers across the whole of the EU.

Essentially, the TW legal challenge is the ONLY game in town now, the only one that has a chance of putting a halt to the TPD implementation. Those of you that have been following this will know what’s going on. Some countries are worse of than others – Scandinavia and Spain – well, you can pretty much forget about vaping there.

The TW court case is an historic opportunity to turn the tide away from bans and restrictions towards regulation that is proportionate, and genuinely risk based.

As you know, we launched the Article 20 website to inform people about this legal challenge and to collect as many signatures as we could in support of it. To date a staggering 45,572 people have signed up, however, we would like more!

Why? Because it is important to show the Department of Health that this legal challenge has broad support, not just from industry, but from vapers and even those who have never smoked and will never vape.

We are therefore asking you to join us, once more, in one last push to gain as many signatures as possible before we deliver this ‘show of strength’ to the Department of Health on the 29th September.

More information will be released about this, alongside an update from the TW legal team over the next few days – so PLEASE – keep an eye on the TW Facebook page and homepage, as we need all of you to turn up and support the handover.

This is the final hurdle in this particular race – please don’t stand by and do nothing – and if you can do more than a click or a tweet – please do it – take your lap top to the pub, hairdressers, nights out (maybe your phone will do there!) but get as many signatures as you can – because your vaping life depends upon it.

This is serious, if we win, the TPD HAS to be altered, we get another chance to get the regulations vapers need – not the ones the politicians think we need.

You know what you need to do… please, go do it, and get your family and friends involved too.

And wish us good luck for the 1st of October.