Support Totally Wicked Why its a no brainer

May 2, 2017

Active vapers can be in no doubt that there are powerful forces ranged against us. The last few weeks have seen a stream of blatant junk science emanating mainly from the United States, and the resultant media coverage has been nothing short of atrocious. Studies are showing that the number of smokers who believe that e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes is literally plummeting, and you only have to look at the comments underneath online newspaper articles to see that general public confidence in the safety of e-cigarettes is also waning, and attitudes are hardening against vapers. We are fast becoming e-pariahs.

Whilst those closest to us probably know the arguments (my 78 year old never smoking mum sounded like she was channeling Tom Pruen when discussing the mouse study yesterday) the general public do not. Neither do a large number of politicians. We all know only too well the failings of the TPD as it stands, but implementation against the current background could be even more of a disaster than first thought. In England we are relatively lucky in that the Westminster Government appears willing to listen, however we need look no further than Wales or Ireland to find Governments looking for any excuse to place non-sensical, junk science based restrictions on vaping the TPD is EU wide, its not just about us.

Totally Wicked are trail blazers on this issue. They have put their money where their mouth is and within a year will be arguing in the European Court that (among other things) the TPD imposes disproportionate restrictions on the e-cigarette industry and there is no public health justification for doing so. Their main arguments are necessarily industry based, because it is they who are bringing the case, but Totally Wickeds interests align closely with those of consumers.

The European case will be the first real opportunity to put the science in the dock and that is something which, Im sure youll agree, is more than overdue. It is important that we, as vapers, show solidarity with Totally Wicked by supporting their challenge to the TPD. Without us TW are all too easily dismissed as looking after their own financial interests, whereas I believe that in truth they are genuinely committed to fighting this for us, as well as for themselves.

So unless you relish the idea of a cigalike furtively puffed in a back alley far from the eyes of impressionable children being your vaping future please sign up to show your support. It really is a no brainer.